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Turnabout Iraqi Freedom by DELTAFORCE37
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Nazi Germany Victorious
With the Third Reich on the verge of total annihilation, Hitler prepares for his final moments of defeat. As the Allies advance toward Berlin from the West, and the Soviets from the East, He must now make a choice that will either save his country, or destroy it.

With defeat seemingly inevitable, Hitler's lead engineer, Doctor Albert Speer, reveals his latest prototype. The time machine.

Speer: Mein, Furher, I believe it is still not too late to save Germany from total occupation.

Hitler: The war is lost Speer. They will arrive within a matter of hours. We are doomed.

Speer: I'm afraid not, mein Furher. Please, come with me. I want to unveil my latest weapon. The weapon that will save us all! Time is on our side, Mein Furher. You will see.

Hitler: Is it safe?

Speer: We don't know yet. We haven't used it.

Hitler: Then I guess we have no choice. I only have one chance to save the Fatherland!

Meanwhile, Hitler gets word that Doctor Einstein, the world's first nuclear physicist, is close to completing the atom bomb. Hitler, and his squad, attempt to steal it.

With the supply convoy ambushed, Hitler and his squad wipe out the soldiers in both trucks, each carrying one atom bomb, and drive them back across German lines.

Meanwhile, Speer, (past Speer)  analyzes the bombs, which are just regular bombs, but after a quick test on an advancing Soviet patrol,they learn just how devastating it truly is.

After witnessing the unrivaled capability of the atom bomb, Hitler, (past Hitler) orders Speer to carefully examine the other atom bomb in order to produce them on a medium to large scale.

After developing a large enough quantity of atom bombs, Hitler (past Hitler) drops one close to Washington, forcing the Allies to surrender. Present Hitler must not raise any suspicion to past Hitler or any German soldiers as it would inevitably lead to the defeat of his beloved Third Reich.

The Allies and Soviets have surrendered and present Hitler must find a way back. He secretly reveals to Speer that he sent him back in time a few hours ago to prevent the destruction of the Fatherland.

Speer sends him 2 years into the future, but past Hitler has taken his place. Present Hitler knows that there is only one way to avoid a time paradox. While past Hitler is busy discussing peace talks with the Americans, British and Russians, present Hitler sneaks into the brewery and places a cyanide capsule in the draft barrels. Knowing that past Hitler, as well as anyone who drinks the beer will be dead within the hour, present Hitler steals a plane and goes into hiding. He dies in the crash and is never heard from again.

However, America and Russia are both under German rule, and the Third Reich appoints a new chancellor to take Hitler's place. He is regarded as "the hero who saved Germany" and an Iron Cross is pinned to his casket, and another one placed next to it.

The Third Reich is victorious and Hitler has achieved his dream: To rule the world. There are those who would try to stop them, but they would learn that resistance is futile.

Meanwhile, present Hitler wakes up from what appears to be a bizarre dream, the sound of Russian shells in the distance. It turns out, he was only dreaming that he could win the war.

With The Soviet and American forces  closing in, Hitler dies exactly as history foretold. He shoots himself in the head, and his body is cremated to erase any evidence that he was ever in Berlin.
Apparently, Moonshadow0989 has placed a ban on me for what I can only assuse to be "spamming in the comments section" and that ban is still in effect at this time.

First and foremost, I would like to formally apologize and second, I hope you are reading this.


American Scout Trooper

Also, be sure to check out Ghost 141's user gallery. It has some pretty interesting Star Wars stuff. The link is below:…


With the Galactic Empire defeated, the remaining few survivors tried to fight back against the Rebellion. To strengthen their cause, they have fled from the Outer Rim to collect weapons, armor, supplies, and resources  in general. They have crashed landed on our planet, Earth, in hopes of refueling and repairing their crashed shuttle. However, they are caught trespassing outside of a military facility, and one of them is shot and killed by sniper fire. The remaining platoon members retreat. Minutes later, a team investigates the soldier they have just killed, and are shocked to learn that this so-called "alien" is actually human. They learn that his armor is experimental, and many elements used to create it do not exist on the periodic table. They believe if they can learn what it is, then they can make a huge leap in technology and craft new armor that will bring the Empire to their knees.

Meanwhile, in the ship, the remaining Imperial soldiers are attempting to establish radio contact with the Empire. They receive a broadcast that the Empire has surrendered, and those that remain are now calling themselves the "First Order"

Stormtrooper 1: How long have we been in hypersleep anyway?

Stormtrooper 2: The computer says 30 years.

Stormtrooper Commander: 30 YEARS?! And those of us that remain are dead, in a cell somewhere, or forming a militia from the ashes of destruction.

Stormtrooper 2: I can get an S.O.S. out to them if we can repair the long-range communication scanner.

Stormtrooper 1: It won't do us any good. We're too far out of range to call for help.

Stormtrooper Commander: Does the hyperdrive still work?

Stormtrooper 2: Barely sir. If we use it now we might fry our life support.

Stormtrooper Commander: Alright, listen. Any minute now, they're going to send more soldiers to blow up the ship. If we can reroute power to our engines and shields, we might be able to get into orbit. Make it happen.

Stormtrooper 2: Yes sir! Ok. It's done.

Stormtrooper Commander: Strap yourselves in.

After making it back into space, the three remaining stormtroopers restore power to their shuttle's life support and program the navi-computer to take them back to the Outer Rim. They're engines took a beating and they must repair them before going to lightspeeed. A couple of hours later, they have repaired their engines and comms and get a distress call out to the First Order.

Meanwhile, the soldiers on Earth have found which elements in the Scout Trooper's armor were not in the periodic table, and update it so they know what it is. The question that plagues their minds is: Is this armor effective? To find out, they place it over a target dummy and fire a medium caliber bullet at it. The armor has stopped it from going through. They are convinced that they have made a major technological breakthrough.

Hours later, a very large contact appears on radar. The R&D Division scramble to mass-produce as much Scout Trooper armor as possible. The U.S. Snipers are now, in theory, better protected against most forms of damage. A shuttle touches down, and U.S. Soldiers surround it, weapons raised. The airlock door opens, and a tall figure, wearing a black cloak and brandishing a red lightsaber appears in front of them. The Sith apprentice known as Kylo Ren, activates his lightsaber, and force pushes the soldiers back. The snipers open fire on Ren, but he quickly dodges it. He uses his force powers to send the watchtower crumbling down. After a long firefight with heavy casualties on both sides, a squadron of X-Wings appear on radar and attack the scattered group of stormtroopers. Next, the Millennium Falcon touches down next to Ren's shuttle, and Han, Chewie, Rey and Finn, confront Ren. Finn activates the lightsaber and charges at Ren, but he quickly reacts, rendering Finn unconscious. Han tries to talk some sense into Kylo to bring him back to the light side of the Force, but he stabs Han with his lightsaber. Furious, Chewbacca fires his bowcaster at Kylo, injuring him, allowing Rey to pick up the lightsaber and finish him. The commanding officer walks out, thanking Rey, Finn and Chewbacca, moments before their departure.

U.S. General: Thank you for your help. And may the force be with you.

Rey: May the force be with you too. Goodbye.

They carefully examine Kylo's lightsaber, but learn it is highly unstable and likely to explode. They dismantle it and dispose of the crystal inside.

In preparation for the First Order's next attack, several Resitance (Formerly known as the Rebellion) pilots decide to stay on Earth and train our soldiers and pilots. They have been outfitted with new equipment, as well as blaster tech weapons and a few X-Wings borrowed from the Resitance. The President hurries over to meet with the leader of the Resistance, General Leia Organa (Formerly known as Princess Leia Organa) and broker a treaty with the Resistance to aid in their fight against the Dark Side. Although Ren has been defeated, his, master, Supreme Leader Snoke, will make the Resistance pay for what they have done. Will the Resistance and American forces, as well as America's allies be victorious in their united attack on the First Order, or will Snoke's new weapon destroy us once and for all? All will be revealed in The Force Awakens: Chapter 2
Force Unleashed 2: Starkiller's Choice
Galen Marek (AKA Starkiller) Has been under Vader's control longer than he can remember. He is arguably the deadliest Sith apprentice the galaxy has ever known. On Kamino, Vader has kept Starkiller in captivity to try and brainwash him. Convinced that Starkiller has proven his loyalty, Vader prepares him for his final test. But when he learns he is not the real Starkiller but instead, a cloned Jedi, Vader soon realizes that this will impair Starkiller's ability to obey him and decides he no longer has use for him. Vader attempts to kill him, but Starkiller manages to escape. He goes rogue, rescues his friends, an outdated Imperial training droid, PROXY, his former Jedi mentor, Jedi General Rahm Kota, and a defected Imperial shuttle pilot, once Starkiller's love life, Captain Juno Eclipse, from the clutches of Vader and the Empire. To truly defeat Vader, Starkiller must face the trials of the Jedi, where he meets Yoda on Dagobah and must confront himself and his darkest fears before he can confront Vader, and choose which path he will take before he is ready to face him. At the end of his training, he returns to Kamino to rescue Juno from Vader and defeat him. He has won, but he is at war with his emotions. Will he follow the Jedi code and spare Vader's life, or will he succumb to the Dark Side and allow himself to become Vader's slave yet again?
Battle Group 2
Mostly just promotional art.

You are the captain of a small fleet. Your orders were to destroy weapons factories used for chemical warfare. But when a mysterious terrorist organization called the Talon retaliates, you must strike back. You have 8 different ships at your disposal, including 3 which are unique and iconic such as the U.S.S. Ticonderoga, U.S.S Oliver Hazard Perry, and U.S.S. Iowa. Use satellite strikes to turn the tide of battle, including Slow Motion, E.M.P. and Instant Reload.
Apparently, Moonshadow0989 has placed a ban on me for what I can only assuse to be "spamming in the comments section" and that ban is still in effect at this time.

First and foremost, I would like to formally apologize and second, I hope you are reading this.




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