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Say No To Tobacco by DELTAFORCE37 Say No To Tobacco :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 2 0 Plants Vs Black Ops Zombies by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Plants Vs Black Ops Zombies :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 4 2
Mother Nature's Last Line Of Defense by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Mother Nature's Last Line Of Defense :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 1 0
Nazi Germany Victorious by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Nazi Germany Victorious :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 1 0
American Scout Trooper by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
American Scout Trooper :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 14 3
Force Unleashed 2: Starkiller's Choice by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Force Unleashed 2: Starkiller's Choice :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 10 0
Battle Group 2 by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Battle Group 2 :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0
Captain Martin Walker (Kabul) by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Captain Martin Walker (Kabul) :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 3 2
Defend At All Costs by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Defend At All Costs :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 1
Zero Dark Thirty by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Zero Dark Thirty :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 1 0
Mature content
Navy SEAL :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0
Turnabout Kingfish by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Turnabout Kingfish :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 2
Turnabout Escape From Alcatraz by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Turnabout Escape From Alcatraz :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0
Turnabout Fury by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Turnabout Fury :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0
Turnabout Wolverines by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Turnabout Wolverines :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0
Turnabout Iraqi Freedom by DELTAFORCE37
Mature content
Turnabout Iraqi Freedom :icondeltaforce37:DELTAFORCE37 0 0


SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittman by Obergruppenfuhrer69 SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittman :iconobergruppenfuhrer69:Obergruppenfuhrer69 5 3 The Fury Movie ft.Brad Pitt Poster by Ash-Designs The Fury Movie ft.Brad Pitt Poster :iconash-designs:Ash-Designs 1 0 The federation... by Russiaz The federation... :iconrussiaz:Russiaz 11 14 Rork from call of duty ghost by Briansmith1992 Rork from call of duty ghost :iconbriansmith1992:Briansmith1992 1 0 Downfall Files: Hermann Fegelein by AdmiralMichalis Downfall Files: Hermann Fegelein :iconadmiralmichalis:AdmiralMichalis 98 97 Downfall Files: Adolf Hitler by AdmiralMichalis Downfall Files: Adolf Hitler :iconadmiralmichalis:AdmiralMichalis 71 33 Dempsey by spyash2 Dempsey :iconspyash2:spyash2 111 61 JOSEF STALIN by Varezart JOSEF STALIN :iconvarezart:Varezart 127 75 Sticker by SSA l Erwin Rommel by ssa-art Sticker by SSA l Erwin Rommel :iconssa-art:ssa-art 5 0 Ackbar's Appetizer by RosalinasSoulmate Ackbar's Appetizer :iconrosalinassoulmate:RosalinasSoulmate 13 2 COMM - DD!Maya and DD!Pearly by Minouze COMM - DD!Maya and DD!Pearly :iconminouze:Minouze 64 13 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH 2013 by bob-eisenkolb FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH 2013 :iconbob-eisenkolb:bob-eisenkolb 34 2 GOT YOUR SIX by Dave-Wilkins GOT YOUR SIX :icondave-wilkins:Dave-Wilkins 289 74 THE PRIDE by DiscoverySoul THE PRIDE :icondiscoverysoul:DiscoverySoul 4 0 Ain't My Last Dance by Knuckle-Up Ain't My Last Dance :iconknuckle-up:Knuckle-Up 3 0 Maya And Pearl Fey by thundertamerkasumi Maya And Pearl Fey :iconthundertamerkasumi:thundertamerkasumi 26 6



Say No To Tobacco
On average, more than six million people die of cancer caused by tobacco every year. It contaminates our air quality and causes global warming. Not only is it harmful to us, but it also destroys plant life, causes fires and harms our loved ones. If you don't want to die, stop smoking.
Plants Vs Black Ops Zombies
As the final showdown with the zombie mastermind, Doctor Edgar George Zomboss begins, A pair of unlikely heroes, a former U.S. Marine Corporal named Tank Dempsey, and a Nazi Scientist named Edward Richtoffen, who is working for a clandestine Nazi Research program named group 935, and is almost as deranged, if not even more so than Doctor Zomboss himself, find themselves between a rock and a hard place. With time and ammo running out, they prepare for the fight of their lives as they square off against Doctor Zomboss's newest prototype, the Zombot.
Mother Nature's Last Line Of Defense
In a daring effort to protect the plants that have fought off countless zombies, a military contractor (also a botanist) has devised a series of clever booby traps to stop the zombies dead (no pun intended) in their tracks whilst preserving the lives of the brave plants who had saved his life. He has conveniently placed Automated Tripod-Mounted Fifty Caliber Machine Guns to take Peashooter's place, Riot Shields to take Wall-Nut's place, and Claymore Mines to save Potato Mine. (As much as he wants to say "SPUDOW!" Sometimes it's better that he lives to fight another day rather than become a martyr). Sure, this is a very smart way to deal with zombies, even without Sunflower, but the big question remains: Will he have enough ammo?
Nazi Germany Victorious
With the Third Reich on the verge of total annihilation, Hitler prepares for his final moments of defeat. As the Allies advance toward Berlin from the West, and the Soviets from the East, He must now make a choice that will either save his country, or destroy it.

With defeat seemingly inevitable, Hitler's lead engineer, Doctor Albert Speer, reveals his latest prototype. The time machine.

Speer: Mein, Furher, I believe it is still not too late to save Germany from total occupation.

Hitler: The war is lost Speer. They will arrive within a matter of hours. We are doomed.

Speer: I'm afraid not, mein Furher. Please, come with me. I want to unveil my latest weapon. The weapon that will save us all! Time is on our side, Mein Furher. You will see.

Hitler: Is it safe?

Speer: We don't know yet. We haven't used it.

Hitler: Then I guess we have no choice. I only have one chance to save the Fatherland!

Meanwhile, Hitler gets word that Doctor Einstein, the world's first nuclear physicist, is close to completing the atom bomb. Hitler, and his squad, attempt to steal it.

With the supply convoy ambushed, Hitler and his squad wipe out the soldiers in both trucks, each carrying one atom bomb, and drive them back across German lines.

Meanwhile, Speer, (past Speer)  analyzes the bombs, which are just regular bombs, but after a quick test on an advancing Soviet patrol,they learn just how devastating it truly is.

After witnessing the unrivaled capability of the atom bomb, Hitler, (past Hitler) orders Speer to carefully examine the other atom bomb in order to produce them on a medium to large scale.

After developing a large enough quantity of atom bombs, Hitler (past Hitler) drops one close to Washington, forcing the Allies to surrender. Present Hitler must not raise any suspicion to past Hitler or any German soldiers as it would inevitably lead to the defeat of his beloved Third Reich.

The Allies and Soviets have surrendered and present Hitler must find a way back. He secretly reveals to Speer that he sent him back in time a few hours ago to prevent the destruction of the Fatherland.

Speer sends him 2 years into the future, but past Hitler has taken his place. Present Hitler knows that there is only one way to avoid a time paradox. While past Hitler is busy discussing peace talks with the Americans, British and Russians, present Hitler sneaks into the brewery and places a cyanide capsule in the draft barrels. Knowing that past Hitler, as well as anyone who drinks the beer will be dead within the hour, present Hitler steals a plane and goes into hiding. He dies in the crash and is never heard from again.

However, America and Russia are both under German rule, and the Third Reich appoints a new chancellor to take Hitler's place. He is regarded as "the hero who saved Germany" and an Iron Cross is pinned to his casket, and another one placed next to it.

The Third Reich is victorious and Hitler has achieved his dream: To rule the world. There are those who would try to stop them, but they would learn that resistance is futile.

Meanwhile, present Hitler wakes up from what appears to be a bizarre dream, the sound of Russian shells in the distance. It turns out, he was only dreaming that he could win the war.

With The Soviet and American forces  closing in, Hitler dies exactly as history foretold. He shoots himself in the head, and his body is cremated to erase any evidence that he was ever in Berlin.
Apparently, Moonshadow0989 has placed a ban on me for what I can only assuse to be "spamming in the comments section" and that ban is still in effect at this time.

First and foremost, I would like to formally apologize and second, I hope you are reading this.


Apparently, Moonshadow0989 has placed a ban on me for what I can only assuse to be "spamming in the comments section" and that ban is still in effect at this time.

First and foremost, I would like to formally apologize and second, I hope you are reading this.




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